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Explore generative and predictive AI models by leading providers

Easily connect to your application using APIs

Fine-tune models to customise them to your needs

Create multimodal models by mixing APIs across Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Audio Processing and Forecasting

AI Library Whitepaper

How to lead the next wave of disruption with Artificial Intelligence

AI is poised to be the next major disruptor, reshaping industries, sectors, and departments across the globe.

However, organisations must navigate several challenges in adoption. Read how AI Library will help organisations tackle the challenges to leverage the opportunity and lead with AI by accelerating AI adoption.

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Explore what AI can do

Evaluate ready-to-deploy models by leading providers in a no-code environment and find the best models for your use-case

Generate image from text prompt

Select a style

Generated Image

Personal Information Masking

Detect sensitive personal information in text and mask it
Masked Text
My Name is A***iNAME and I have a credit card with Acme Bank. My card number is 2***8CREDIT_DEBIT_NUMBER that expired on 0***3CREDIT_DEBIT_EXPIRY. I would like to order a new card.

Generate image from text prompt

Generated Image
Google Cloud Platform

Generate Image Labels

Deep learning-based visual analysis model. Search, verify, and organize millions of images and videos

.jpg and .png images only

Image Labels
Living Room(Room)(Indoors)
Interior Design(Indoors)
Home Decor

Sales Forecast

Training data
Data truncated...

*Forecast is available for Entreprise customers only


Translate Text

Translated Text
एआई दुनिया भर में उद्योगों, क्षेत्रों और विभागों को फिर से आकार देने वाला अगला प्रमुख विघटनकर्ता बनने के लिए तैयार है। एआई लाइब्रेरी मॉडल के मूल्यांकन को सरल बनाकर, मौजूदा अनुप्रयोगों के साथ एकीकरण और मॉडल को फाइन-ट्यूनिंग द्वारा अलग करके एआई अपनाने में तेजी लाती है

Transcribe Audio in any language

Generate an audio transcript. The model auto detects the language.

.mp3 only


AI is poised to be the next major disruptor, reshaping industries, sectors, and departments across the globe. AI Library accelerates AI adoption by simplifying the evaluation of models, integration with existing applications and differentiating by fine-tuning the models

Speech Generation

Generate human like speech from text
Generated Speech

Text Response

Generate text response from text prompt in less than 256 characters
Star Wars is a sci-fi universe of epic battles between the Jedi and the Sith, with stories of love, friendship, and redemption set in a galaxy far, far away.

Text Labels

Find insights and relationships in text
Text Labels
Hello Ceylon HuskPERSON, I am AraniPERSON. Your Speaking Bird, LLCORGANIZATION credit card account 1111-0000-1111-0008OTHER has a minimum payment of $222231313434.53QUANTITY that is due by July 31stDATE. Based on your autopay settings, we will withdraw your payment on the due date from your bank account number XXXXXX1111OTHER with the routing number XXXXX0000OTHER. Customer feedback for Middle EarthLOCATION, 123 Main StLOCATION, Anywhere. Send comments to JimPERSON at Jim@acme.comOTHER.

Integrate models in your application

Add AI capabilities to any application using API requests


Create AI Automations

Create multimodal models and AI workflows by connecting multiple models without coding. Use them in your application using auto-generated APIs.

Model ID #1468513

Generate a poem → Generate a prompt to generate an image → Generate an Image

Model ID #3851782

Detect text from a photographed doctor's note → Summarize the note → Email Summary

Model ID #9655300

Generate a podcast script → Translate it → Generate Speech

Model ID #1949750

Generate product description → Generate SEO title and description → Email Meta Tags

Explore AI Use Cases

AI is disrupting and reshaping industries, sectors, and departments across the globe. Explore popular use cases by industry and department.

Why SimplifAI?

Enable continuous innovation and unlock hidden potential faster

Easy integration with any application

Explore curated library of AI models for generative and predictive AI to easily add AI-powered applications in minutes.

Faster time to market

A rich ecosystem of intuitive visual builders, ready-to-use AI models, database builders and templates, and built-in connectors help you roll out your models fast.

Reduced cost

SimplifAI eliminates the need of expert AI programmers, and since your AI Model is managed and lives in the cloud, you'll also save on overhead expenses like server monitoring and maintenance.

Enable Continuous Innovation

SimplifAI gives the flexibility to quickly adapt to your evolving business and and customer needs. Rapidly improve your customer experience while reducing operating costs.


Free to explore, then pay per use



Learn, explore models and add AI capabilities to your applications
  • 10,000 tokens*/ month
    Text tasks: up to 0.25M characters or
    Audio tasks: up to 2 hours of audio or
    Image tasks: up to 1000 images
  • Standard Support
    Email support and no SLAs
  • Dedicated infrastructure
    Dedicated resources to achieve desired latency, and support large models


From $2000/mo.

Run production workloads and get custom endpoints with dedicated support
  • No Token Limit
    Custom pricing based on volume commit. Starts at $2k/mo, annual contracts
  • Production level Support
    24/7 SLAs and uptime guarantees
  • Dedicated infrastructure
    Dedicated resources to achieve desired latency, and support large models
  • Enhanced Features
    Mixins - Create new multimodal models without code with auto generated APIs
  • Enhanced Security
    Secure your data with log-less requests, data encryption and more

Frequently Asked Questions

What are tokens?

Every model has a token associated which is deducted from your account once a model is successfully invoked validated by your access token.

Is my data secure?

APIs are secured by API tokens. Enterprise customers can request log-less transfers where no data is stored on our servers.

How can I get support?

For Pro customers, you can email us at For Enterprise customers, there are scheduled office hours and video support on-demand.

What happens when models are updated?

Models are versioned and supported for a long duration. However, models are rapidly evolving and though we try to keep them backward compatible, there may be situations where it is not possible.

Can you help us with implementation?

You can leverage the our Partner Network for a hands-free deployment of your solution. Our Partners can help you obtain business outcomes by accelerating your AI journey through building solutions, solving technical challenges, and more.

What is your support email?

For support and general enquiries, write to us at

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